Clean texts on Paris Agreement guidelines expected

Katowice, 13 December 2018 (Meena Raman)

Clean texts on the guidelines for the implementation of the Paris Agreement being crafted under the UNFCCC’s COP 24 President, are expected to be made available to Parties around noon of Thursday, 13 Dec.

This was made known to Parties at a stocktake convened by the Polish COP Presidency late evening around 8 pm on 12 Dec in Katowice, Poland.

This meeting was closed to observers and according to sources, the COP 24 President conveyed to Parties that the ministers selected to conduct consultations on the unresolved issues were working on the final text and that the Presidency would like to bring out a clean text by 12 noon on 13 Dec.

Sources told TWN that the Presidency asked Parties to work as long as possible to resolve outstanding issues and encouraged them to support the ministers.

In addition, sources said that the COP 24 President, Michal Kurtyka, will issue under his authority, “a package” of decisions to Parties by 4 pm today and further consultations will be conducted in a Vienna setting, following the presentation of the “package”.

With one day left to the conclusion of the on-going climate talks under the UNFCCC, Parties are under pressure in the race to the finishing line.

Consultations continued whole day on Wed, 12 Dec on various Paris Agreement Work Programme (PAWP) matters till late evening, and will continue this morning.

Sources informed TWN that on some finance related issues, there was not much progress from developed countries, who it seems, want to see the “whole package” of the PAWP issues before any movement was possible.

According to the schedule of consultations to be held on13 Dec, finance issues are also on the agenda, as well as matters related to nationally determined contributions, the transparency framework and the global stocktake. These consultations are being conducted behind closed doors.

In addition, the COP Presidency has also been consulting Parties on the possible elements for the overall decision to be adopted by COP 24, which includes the following elements: the PAWP, high-level ministerial dialogue on climate finance, the Talanoa Dialogue, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report on the 1.5°C, pre-2020 implementation and ambition, the Leaders’ Summit (which was held in Katowice on 3 Dec) and the UN Secretary-General’s Summit in 2019.   

A COP plenary has also been scheduled to take place at 3 pm on 13 Dec for the adoption of decisions not related to the PAWP items.

How the final outcome of the PAWP package will look like and where the balance lies will become apparent on this penultimate day of the climate talks.

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