This monthly magazine is published by the Third World Network which has its international secretariat based in Penang. The aim of the magazine is to give a Third World perspective to the whole range of issues confronting the Third World namely, the environment, health and basic needs, international affairs, politics, economics, culture, and so on. Thus, a team of Third World journalists and researchers have been assembled to contribute to Third World Resurgence.

Latest issue

Cover: The global commodification of agriculture and its perils

The illusion of cheap food under commodified agriculture

Gunnar Rundgren

In this critique of the modern food system, Gunnar Rundgren argues that the commercialisation of farming has led us to view land, water and nature as private property and the life of the land, our symbionts, as commodities.


Arnie Gundersen

The same skewed decision-making process that led to ignoring the tsunami risk at Fukushima is still being applied to new nuclear construction and old nuclear operation, warns Arnie Gundersen.


Jeremy Seabrook

A recent US Department of Justice report on HSBC, the British-owned bank, has observed that its 'historical cultural deficiencies continue to pervade its operations today'.